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Trophy - engraving on slate

A project for a friend...

... he needed a trophy for a member in recognition of 25 years of commitment to a kickboxing club.

We quickly agreed that it should not be one of the usual glass trophies from the Ali Express Geavurladen range. So we created a design in brass and slate, handed it over to a neighboring shop on the Krämerbrücke whose shop fittings were made in brass and slate by their friend, and all that was left to do was engrave the appropriate text on the slate.

In life, it's all about knowing the right people for a job. ;-)

Technical parameters of engraving slate

Material: Thuringian slate
Color: anthracite
Power: 30%
Speed: 50%
Frequency: 25 khz
Passes: 1
Focus shift: 0
Air cooling: 0
Laser: CO2 40W
Resolution: 400 DPI
Font: -
Duration: 156 seconds

Slate is easy and quick to engrave as long as the surface does not have large differences in height.