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LASER bean is a project by activus GmbH and offers laser engraving of various materials.



The idea for this offer came from the left-handed shop. They were looking for a way to internationalize their well-known left-handed cups. The lettering "... only for left-handers" was to be translated into 17 languages in order to make the cup attractive to tourists from all over the world.

Since you have to order at least 300 of these cups per artwork (language) and color from Kahla Porzellan, this would have meant a stock of 20,400 cups. In order to avoid this, it was decided to provide the cups with a language-neutral "touch coating" and then to engrave the saying themselves.


We use a laser engraving and cutting machine from the French company Gravograph with 2 laser sources (CO2 and fiber). Since we cannot use the capacity of this machine to the full with the finishing of mugs and products from the left-handed shop, we have established a new business area with LASER bean and also offer this service to companies in the area.


activus GmbH is a subsidiary of the left-handed shop. This has been dealing with design and programming since 1997. We have the experience to apply your digital data to your products with a laser.

Thanks to our experience in creating digital processes, we also offer you the option of automating data exchange with us. We are your extended workbench when it comes to personalizing and refining your products.


From 2024 we will also provide offers for end customers.
Customers can then order our own product lines online in specially developed online shops.

WHY "LASER bean"?

The name LASER bean is a combination of the product focus "laser engraving" and a homage to our hometown of Erfurt, whose residents are also often referred to as "Erfurt broad beans".

The name "Erfurter broad bean" goes back to

Broad beans are a type of bean that originated in the Mediterranean region and "puffs up" when cooked.