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01 Do you also engrave for private individuals?
Not really. The effort to measure a single object is very high. The best way to engrave a gift is with the company that sold you the product because they know better how to engrave it and what to look out for.
02 Can you also engrave individual pieces?
No. If you bring your own material, we need a test product so that we can determine the correct parameters before engraving and test them on a product.
If you only have a single product, the engraving may not be perfect the first time. Thus your product would be damaged.
Our service is aimed more at companies that need engraving for very specific products over and over again.
03 Do you also have products that you sell engraved?
Yes, part of the range in our left-handed shop can be personalised.
In addition, we are working on an online shop where you can order products that we will personalize for you.
You can also purchase individual products because we have already factored in the effort involved in setting them up.
04 Which materials can you process?
  • Wood (limited)
  • Foil
  • various Plastics (except PVC)
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stone
  • Pottery
  • Slate
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • ... just ask us
05 Why do you only engrave wood "conditionally"?
We only engrave wood on a very small scale.
Light inscriptions are no problem.

However, we do not engrave very deeply and do not cut wood with the laser.

Our filter system is not designed for the resin and wood chips. The resin evaporated during wood engraving forms small lumps and sticks our dust filter together. For larger quantities of wood products, we would have to purchase a water filter, which was not worthwhile due to our previous range.
06 What kind of laser sources do you use?
  • CO2 with 40 watts
  • 20 watt fiber laser
07 What technology do you use?
We use a Gravograph LS900 edge with 2 laser sources
08 Which file formats can you process?
In practice, we can read and engrave a variety of different file formats.
Ultimately, it's like printing. If you want high quality, the data must already be of high quality.
Vector files in EPS, AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF format are most suitable.

We can also engrave images from JPG, PNG, TIFF or HEIC data.
09 What is the maximum area you can engrave?
Our machine has a maximum work surface of 61 cm x 61 cm.
10 Do you also procure the material required for engraving, such as signs, etc.?
Of course.
We have extensive catalogs with material examples.
11 How much does an engraving cost?
There are 2 types of costs.

Setting up the laser for the products you need is billed at hourly rates. The facility includes i.a.
  • the determination of the best engraving parameters,
  • the development of workpiece carriers,
  • the preparation of product samples and
  • setting up data exchange processes

This cost is only incurred once before we start engraving a series.
The hourly rate is EUR 87.50 plus VAT.

The actual engraving process is charged at a machine hourly rate of EUR 2.50 per minute plus VAT.
The more products we engrave at the same time, the lower the machine hourly rate.
12 Can you make us an offer?
Of course.
For this we need the following work
  • a product sample of the material to be engraved,
  • the data to be engraved in the format in which we receive the data later in the ongoing process and
  • the delivery address
13 What capacities do you have?
This is difficult to estimate because both the complexity of the motif to be engraved and the material have an enormous influence on the duration of an engraving.
If you are interested in our service, send us an inquiry so that we can make you an offer.
This offer also results in the maximum capacity per week.
14 Do you also ship to end customers?
We can also take care of shipping your products to your end customers after engraving.

We currently offer shipping via DHL, DPD and Deutsche Post. We determine the costs of these services individually for your project, depending on the weight, the packaging effort, the costs of the packaging material.

If necessary, we also make the engraved items available for collection on pallets or organize freight shipment if the starting material was made available to us in the form of a pallet.