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Engraving of a LAMY Al-Star fountain pen in lilac

Engraving anodized aluminum is always a pleasure, because when engraved with the right parameters, aluminum gives off a very nice white engraving image and this usually contrasts very well with the anodized surface.

If you then use a not-so-everyday font, a LAMY fountain pen in a special color quickly becomes a very personal gift.

Technical parameters of anodized aluminum engraving

Material: Lamy Al-Star ink pen, anodised aluminium
Colour: bronze
Performance: 40%
Speed: 40%
Frequency: 25KHz
Passes: 1
Focus shift: 0
Air cooling: 0
Mode: GRID
Laser: CO2 40W
Resolution: 1200DPI
Font: Freestyle Script
Duration: 22 seconds

Anodized aluminum engraving will always be a little bit wider than in the electronic template because the material is very soft. The thinnest lines are obtained with vector writing where the laser traces the line.

However, True Type fonts are engraved in raster mode. This makes them a bit wider. So you choose a font that is as thin as possible, which does not have too small arcs or spacing. In addition, the letters are not made too small so that they do not flow into each other.