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Engraving of a teak board

A teak wood board with a special mission. It serves to introduce the members of two clubs to one another. The owner of the board invites himself and a member of his club to a member of the other club, who also brings a member of his club with him. As a thank you, the board goes to the host, who can then invite other members of the two clubs.


We thought so too and immediately knew that we could make these rules even more complicated. So we wrote this little poem:

The appetizer board rules

You only have 8 weeks now,
choose the tabler friends,
have a date and a location ready
and then go out with them.

There shall be four of you on that day
and pari on top of that -
two of the old breed
It has to be Old Tablers.

Round Tabler young, full of energy
two are also needed,
the partners are staying at home today,
the evening will be the highlight.

It chooses who holds this board,
one of each kind,
the one from the minority
brings in his kind,

take this board for that,
embodies side by side,
so there will be more friends,
ready for fun and action.

One more thing should be noted here:
“Everyone pays for their own beer,”
so that the board always remains popular,
“Keep Round Table cheap” applies here.

We then engraved this on the back of the snack board.

Technical parameters of engraving teak wood

Material: teak wood
Color: natural
Performance: 20%
Speed: 75%
Frequency: 25KHz
Passages: 1
Focus shift: 0
Air cooling: 0
Mode: GRID
Laser: CO2 40W
Resolution: 600 DPI
Font: Sandwich
Duration: 29 minutes

Teak is a tropical hardwood with a high density and firm structure. The grain is almost black, the heartwood is golden to dark brown and has dark stripes running through it.

As part of the project, we first used a maple plywood board to check whether the engraving was legible and how much energy we had to use to process the material.

Contrary to the test with the Ahron, the teak behaved surprisingly cooperatively. Here we wouldn't have needed the three engraving passages like with maple. The engraving appears easy to read and has sharp contrast even in the first pass.