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Tempering engraving of a knife

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow.
In the case of a long-term delivery contract, we also engrave small series on call with fixed delivery times. In the case of the left-handed shop, the conditions are ideal because we are based in the same building. Thanks to the in-house mail order business, Deutsche Post, DHL and DPD come to us every day, so that we can also dispatch your products from Monday to Friday.

Technical parameters for engraving stainless steel

Material: 18/10 stainless steel menu cutlery
Color: Black
Performance: 20%
Speed: 10%
Frequency: 240kHz
Passes: 1
Focus shift: 1
Air cooling: no
Mode: Grid
Laser: fiber 20W
Resolution: 3600DPI
Font: Calibri Italic
Duration 125 seconds

The high resolution brings a better result. The higher the darker and the fewer stripes.