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Laser engraving on cardboard for bachelor thesis in architecture

Actually, the engraving of cardboard and wood is not part of our offer because we don't have the right filter for it and the residues clog our expensive filters.

But if a student urgently needs the pattern sheet for the model of her bachelor thesis, you turn a blind eye.

Cardboard engraving technical parameters

Material: cardboard 400g
Performance: 10%
Speed: 30%
Frequency: 25KHz
Passes: 1
Focus shift: 0
Air cooling: yes
Mode: Vector
Laser: CO2 40W
Resolution: 500DPI
Font: -
Duration 3480 seconds

The more lines, the longer the engraving takes. Architectural programs like to lay out each line individually, causing the laser to jump from line to line. It is more intelligent to create geometric shapes, which in the best case are also arranged in layers one behind the other in such a way that no large distances have to be traveled in between.