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Art, graphics engraved in acrylic

16 works of art, 15 cm x 15 cm, limited edition, Erfurt artist, title: "Erfurt - it depends on the perspective"

We did the post-processing of the digital data, the laser cut and post-processing of the acrylic.

The background is luminescent, so the motif has a "glow in the dark" effect.

12 of the 16 frames are taken.

The motif was cut from acrylic using a CO2 laser. The last photo shows the necessary tests in advance:
- material test to determine the best engraving parameters,
- Data test to detect invisible errors in the data
- Intersection test to determine where the distance between the cut-outs is too small and the image is in danger of falling apart.

The original for the work was drawn on an iPad with an Apple Pencil based on a digital photo of the Erfurt Cathedral and Severi Church and vectorized online. The entire process was therefore digital.

The effort was not insignificant:
Lasering: 256 minutes
Design: 6 hours
Post-process data: 2 hours
Test engravings: 2 hours
Post-processing cutouts: 6 hours
Cleaning, assembly: 3 hours

Technical parameters for engraving acrylic

Material: acrylic
Performance: 38%
Speed: 60%
Frequency: 25KHz
Passes: 1
Focus shift: 0
Air cooling: yes
Mode: Grid
Laser: CO2 40W
Resolution: 500DPI
Font: -
Duration 48 seconds

Material: acrylic
Performance: 100%
Speed: 5%
Frequency: 25KHz
Passes: 1
Focus shift: 0
Air cooling: yes
Mode: Vector
Laser: CO2 40W
Resolution: 3600DPI
Font: -
Duration 585 seconds

Acrylic engraving requires little energy. The point here is to remove just a little bit from the surface and create a bright reflection through the different surface structure.

The cut-out of acrylic requires 100% energy. In addition, various tests have shown that the highest possible resolution and slow engraving ensure better edges.

Somewhat problematic are the reflections from the cutting table, which lead to a pattern on the back of the acrylic. But as long as you only use it on one side, you don't have to worry.